Musical Life of diNo

This is an Extended Creativity Bio written around 2010... It tells of my first 30 years on the Path of Creativity with a focus on Music. Enjoy, and check out my band.. IREPRESS

Some Musical Accolades 

Our VERY first show was a Battle of the Bands that ended in a near ‘Riot’ because we didn’t Win. And we definitely should have. It was a Perfect start.

We wrote and  recorded 4 total albums and many demos and singles. Over 50 songs.

Signed to Translation Loss Records out of Pennsylvania who released Samus Octology and then Sol Eye Sea I as well as a few other singles, Vinyls and more!

We toured America almost 3 times.

We toured Europe for 2.5 months.

We played over 250 shows in over 12 countries.

Played many shows which raised money for a wide variety of charitable causes and organizations.

Still one of the most unique bands to ever exist.

Like the Goonies… We Never Say Die!