When I was less than 5, I used to build and invent things out of wood in my Dad’s workshop. That inventive mind still persists, and I am always trying to think of new and visually excellent ways to display, utilize and experience Our Artworks. 

I like to experiment, and if I need something that doesn’t exist. I invent it. Enjoy this ever-growing collection of Art Products.

If you would like to offer any of these in your store, restaurant, Art Gallery, etc… EMAIL ME : ArtofDiNo@gmail.com

Art Gems and Necklaces, Spinning Mandalas, Clothing, Spinning Machines, Rotating Wooden Easels, Handheld Phenokistiscopes, Charms, Art on Wood/Trees/Rocks/Nature, and MUCH MORE!

Occasionally we Make Clothing with Our Arts.. they come out Great! and Sell Quick.. check back soon, Great Full Art Clothing On the Way!!

These Magic Spectrum Prints from Russia are an example of the Unique Prints that I often experiment with. Check back for unique one of a kind Printings of Our Arts, I am always on the lookout for new and visually excellent ways to experience Art. Much more to come..

We discovered Our Arts can make an INFINITE variety of Art Gems for Necklaces, Jewels, Charms and More! We have sold 10,000+ of these... Some are only made Once! Others many times.. I will create an Online Only Collection, so check back frequently for some Awesomely Unique ART Gems!!

Me with the Golden Rule Full Art Shirt