SAVE eARTh 501c3 Public Charity

Our Mission is to Save eARTh with heART and ART.

We recognize the importance and magnitude of this task, and intend to accomplish it collectively through the Creation, Education, and distribution of Art designed for this divine purpose.

Throughout the history of Humankind, from the darkest of ages through the Renaissance to Now, Art has played an essential role in shaping and guiding the collective consciousness in ways previously unimaginable. No matter how devastating the Wars, Natural Disasters, or hardships that Humans have faced, Artists and their visions persist and can be effective forever. Every single eARTh born human has been granted the Miracle of Art, along with the infinite Power and Potential of Creativity.
This is why Art effects everyone on eARTh beautifully.

Save eARTh Artists are those who have dedicated every waking instant to the creative process. Material riches and fame mean nothing to us. Our reward is in showing others the eternal beauty of Life, Nature and the Animal Kingdom, and helping them to understand how truly important everyone’s unique role is within this Mission to Save eARTh. We never stop thinking about artistic visions that can help accomplish these goals.

We are fully dedicated, this is Our purpose.

As Artists, we cannot be found on the divisive left or right political spectrum, and cannot be classified by any other word. It is our duty to preserve a Free and Wide open mind, in order to sift through the never ending propaganda of our modern era, in search of Truth. We acknowledge common ‘Theories’ as possible explanations, but do not dare limit our imaginations by unproven ‘ideas.’ We learn from every moment, and from all those who came before us.  We wish to share Our discoveries with the World in hopes of Saving eARTh.

In order to Save eARTh, we all must trust and only be affected by Truth. Far too many people, organizations, and companies are profiting from the deaths of animals, the destruction of nature, and the poisoning of our life-giving natural resources. Much of the time, lies are deliberately weaponized to incite fear or deceive the masses, and cause them to buy and unknowingly $upport those who have no care for the well being of eARTh. We have even seen ‘Science’ compromise data and facts, for monetary gains.

There is no place for Greed within the mission to Save eARTh.

Through Education, we aim to show the masses the roots of the problems we face, and guide them towards solutions that benefit everyone, including the innocent Animals. The all ages appropriate Artwork that we feature is designed to initiate the will to Learn about the World, the drive to seek Truth, and the desire to Save eARTh and it’s Animals, all while promoting Art and the Creative process. Through beautiful and positive imagery, symbols, and visions, we aim to inspire future generations to realize Our collective destiny, to Save eARTh.

Every charity we connect with is strategically picked based on good merit, amazing efforts, and incredible achievements towards this purpose. We know them, We trust them, We are all Friends, and We share the same goal.

We all must act Now.

Educate Yourself.

Get Creative.

Save eARTh with heART and ART.


Save eARTh founder and Artist

April 24, 2018