Description of Materials and Types of Prints

Here is a Description of the Products, Prints, and the Great Companies that I choose for each part of the Process.

The Process

When An Artwork is Officially Complete (in my eyes/mind) :

The next step is to either Get a High Quality Photograph of the Artwork.. Or to Scan it into a 600Dpi .pdf file

Then I take the photo file or scan file into Photoshop and Color Match it as best I can… I get it pretty close.. but Nothing beats the Original Artwork.. 

Then I prep the sizes for Print and send them off to…

The Printing

For the Canvas Prints, Plastic Cintra Prints or Paper (Satin) Prints bigger than 12x18inches, Fabric and Oversized Scans.. I have gone to 

B.L. Makepeace/Archimedia Solutions

for almost 20 years! Tell them diNo sent you.. 🙂

For All Regular High Quality Paper Prints 12×18 or Under in size.. I go to:

Sir Speedy Printing on Boylston St. Boston


The Prints

Giclee Canvas Prints

These are an Incredibly Durable Quality of Giclee Canvas Print. The Colors are exceptional, vivid, clear and very detailed! The Canvas Prints are NOT STRETCHED. This is because they are far more fragile to ship, and some people prefer to frame the Canvas Print, so I leave the options to the Buyer. These are the closest representations to the Original Artworks. 

Regular Paper Prints

12×18 and 12×12 prints are of a High Quality Professional Grade Photo Paper. They are my ‘street prints’ which are easy to frame, or can just be taped or tacked to a wall with ease. They are my most affordable print quality, and the colors come out very close to the Original in clarity, vibrance and detail. I have sold well over 10,000 Regular Paper Prints.

Plastic Cintra Prints

These Prints are of a great quality plastic and are approx. 1/8inch thick. As a result, they are very durable and have some weight to them which makes them ideal for Ceiling Spinning Mandalas. They also can lean against a wall, or fit well into small easels or frames. Great for Artwork that may be handled by people or used physically in some way. The quality is incredible and they can withstand water and more and retain durability and quality. They can also be Laser cut to particular shapes. PERFECT for Mandalas!


These are made with a variety of alloy metallic jewel pieces with 1 inch glass domes. They come in a variety of colors, fashions, and designs. Some will be silver. gold, chrome, black, bronze, or even wood. On the back of most of the Art Gems is a great flower of life pattern imprint.  Some Art Gem shapes include Circles, Ovals, Squares, Tear Drops, Hearts, Rectangles and other various shapes and designs. The Necklaces are typical string necklaces with a clasp. However, buy the gem alone and use your own chains for more infinite combos. 


Depending on where the clothing comes from, Check the product details for specifics. Some of the Full Color Artwork clothes are made of Recycled Plastics textiles which are great for the environment, amazingly comfortable and provide very clear and vibrant artworks. Some of the tee-shirts are made with 100% cotton. Each product may vary, so check in the details to be sure.