ART Books and Novels

When I was in 5th grade, I wrote a 20 page story when my teacher wanted 3. In 8th grade, I hand wrote a 350 page book. In 9th grade I typed a 400 page epic story. In 10th grade I began my Masterpiece.. at the 200 page mark my computer died… I then gave up writing stories and picked up a guitar! But I will ALWAYS Love writing.. and will do it again… 🙂 

Download a web version of My Mandala Book

A Universe of Thought

The Official Book features High Quality Imagery – just need to find a better (affordable) way of printing



Download the diNo Section of the Art Gallery Catalog

20 Pages of diNo Art Potential



Upcoming Book I’m currently working on is called :

Embracing the Ancients

Stay Tuned for more NEW and OLD books and stories