Spinning Mandala Magic


Spinning Mandalas Create a Magical Visual Experience that is the basis of Animation itself. A still Mandala is great for meditating, but a spinning Mandala can visually show you multidimensional illusions of a psychic nature. The potential for Visual Wonders is infinite. 

A Few Years ago, We created an App Called Mandala Magic, which allows users to Upload or take a picture of Anything, and Spin it at various speeds.. Unlocking the Magic of the World Around us All. 

These Artworks all Animate when spinning. Some have .gifs attached. They are all unique and Wonder-filled. Enjoy.

Watch Videos of Demonstrations and Animations at the Bottom of this Page.

In Time, a new version of Mandala Magic will be available.. stay tuned

Mandala Magic Science

Psychedelic Mandala Magic Animation Collection

Mandala Magic ART Lesson and Demonstration at the Gallery