The eXtinction mandala is a 30 inch INK Mandala made up of 333 eXtinct Animals of eARTh from the Mighty Megalodon to the North African White Rhino which went extinct during this drawing. This is a Bold declaration designed to strike every human differently, yet profoundly. Being 333, it is half of 666, a number associated with the darker side of eARTh, a lack of empathy, and carnivorous activity which may have led to much extinction. We may be halfway towards Saving eARTh and halfway towards destroying it… but there is still time. The Map used is the same as the United Nations symbol, a map commonly used by believers in the Flat eARTh theory, and also the Aeronautical Maps that existed in the early 1900s. Although this map is not commonly taught or used anymore, it is a map that people of eARTh must know, because it may be one of the most accurate.

The Animal drawings combine historical records, with fossil evidence, with imagination and a little bit of the subconscious wonder to envision what these Animals were like as they roamed Our eARTh many years before us. I have always LOVED dinosaurs as a child, and it may be a part of my destiny to draw a diNo mandala like this. Only time will tell.

This Art will also be one of the main Artworks that leads to the launch of Save eARTh, the Art and eARTh saving charity, i have been wanting for years. The time has come. We ALL must do Our Part, and Stop Extinction, NOW! Save eARTh…


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