Flowers of Love


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This is an idea that has been lingering for a while and came to creation at the perfect time. I continue to strive to create Artwork that unites, teaches, and inspires positivity and love in ways that CANNOT be denied. This idea and Artwork is essential for this present moment and the state of Our World at this time. As the forces in Power try to control and divide us and make us believe that Loving one another is impossible, we must push back with unflinching positivity to bring LIGHT to this darkness. That is the goal here. My intentions are clear, and I hope the world embraces this vision of Love forever.

This Artwork also ignited within me a Love that is beyond description. Although i thought about this idea for at least a year, it took me less than a week of full focus to complete it, and during that week, LOVE was the theme of my life and world. All Artwork does something to it’s creators world, and this one has empowered me with an exponential amount of LOVE. I wish i could describe it better, but it is pure magic, and i pray the People of eARTh can Feel it too..

Bless You All, Enjoy the Flowers of Love!






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