Pyramidst Egypt



A Tribute to the Ancient Egyptians. Again, I absolutely do not trust the historians to have gotten the story right, so my imagination runs wild with how the Egyptians truly existed and what the purpose of the Pyramids truly was.

No one around today can fathom this ancient culture, it is so far removed from our current reality.

But with Art, and perhaps the subconscious induced magic of the spinning mandala.. maybe something will come to the surface.. literally and metaphorically 🙂

Let’s keep digging, the truth is somewhere… Smithsonian?


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12x12in. Paper print, 12x12in. Giclee Canvas print, 12x12in. Plastic print, 24x24in. Paper print, 24x24in. Giclee Canvas print, 24x24in. Plastic print, Original Ink Artwork