Save the Sanctuaries

Save the Sanctuaries


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Our love of Animals has allowed us to speak with and become friends with some owners, workers, and volunteers of sanctuaries around the country. We love to talk with them and discuss the many aspects of the world that must be changed in order to help save the animals. I learn something from speaking with them, everytime.

One of the problems that many of these sanctuaries and even Zoos tend to face is money. While some zoos receive government funding and perpetuate with little to no risk of bankruptcy, others truly rely on every penny to keep their infrastructure running, and it can become a struggle. All of these animals are amazing in every way, but are also incredibly expensive to take care of, feed, clean up after, protect, heal, nourish, keep safe, etc.

The goal of Save the Sanctuaries is to offer this Artwork in various ways, in various places, in order to raise money for the animals and Sanctuaries to offer help in supporting them. Someone receives the Art and remembers how they helped the animals with their contribution. Everyone benefits. We aim to produce thousands of flyers and mail them to sanctuaries across the country and someday the world. Sanctuaries can offer these Artwork flyers for a small donation, and the cycle continues. This Art is a part of

Every little bit helps. Check your local sanctuaries and go meet some animal and human friends for life. They are always in need of workers and volunteers as well, join in, get dirty, and have some beautiful experiences in nature. Thanks 😉



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