The Great Awakening


Originally titled ‘Judgement : The Moment GOOD Triumphs Over Evil’


This Artwork began in January of 2018 and was completed in June of 2020. It was a long and incredible process that pushed my Creativity to the limits, often taking months and years to fill certain spots and discover the visions for particular ideas. I consider this one of the most symbolic Artworks since Heironymous Bosch’s Garden of eARThly Delights. The Goal was to create a perfectly unique array of symbolic representations of what i feel will occur at the Moment Good Triumphs Over Evil throughout ALL realms of existence from Reality to the Metaphysical and beyond. A moment i have been dreaming about since i was very young, and work very hard to make become a reality with each Artwork. The urgency to complete this vision set in during the “Plandemic/Quarantine of 2020” as the eARTh began to become overwhelmed by evil on many levels all over. There was no better time to complete this vision.

When i was 16, my band mates of Hollow eARTh (before Irepress) were talking about a song that i titled WOKEN. I would always go on rants predicting a time when the entire world would truly be awakened to the Miracles and Blessings, and the violence, hate, division and insanity would cease as we all became enveloped in a moment of Universal Harmony. This vision stuck with me forever, and became possible as my Art world evolved and strengthened. In 2018, i decided to begin this vision and thought about it at some point everyday, always on the lookout (internally) for ideas to fill the space. At many times, it was as if i was receiving forms of divine intervention. I love the Magic of ART!

Since it would take a book to describe the symbolism throughout, i encourage everyone to take a look at

the Video and Timelapse of The Great Awakening on the ART of youtube Channel…

It will explain the first round.. soon enough, i will go into more detail and share some of the secrets.. so stay tuned..

In the meantime, if you want to OWN a copy of THE GREAT AWAKENING

Your Support is Infinitely Appreciated..

Tell Everyone you Know.. Please Share this above ALL else..

The eARTh needs it now more than ever..

For the Benefit of ALL Beings, forever.. I give to the World a vision of

The Great Awakening.. The Moment GOOD Triumphs Over Evil


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