Infinite Worlds Below



A New Vision of What lies beneath Our World at all times and the Wonders of who built it all? There are so many mysteries about Humanity’s past and the answers all reside below us and all around us in distorted and destroyed fragments. There is no way that what we have been told about Human history is true. The genius of Civilizations of the past can never be fathomed, their world was exponentially different. One thing I do know is that they were MASTERS of ART!

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12x16in. Paper print, 12x16in. Giclee Canvas print, 12x16in Plastic print, 14x17in. Paper Print, 14x17in. Giclee Canvas print, 14x17in. Plastic print, 18X24in. Paper print, 18X24in. Giclee Canvas print, 18x24in. Plastic print, 14×17 Original Artwork