the First Supper



This is the Newest April 2018 Ink and Watercolor vision of diNo and dART. We wanted to imagine the very first meal of the Animals of eARTh, upon the first sunrise as they all join forces in honor of Creation and with pure intentions for the Future. All of the Animals are gathering to eat the fruits and vegetables that have grown under the immaculate conditions of eARTh. Everyone is friends and Free to be their individual unique selves. Animals today still show hints of how they lived in the Garden, and their will always be incredible wealths of wisdom accessible through the simple observations of any living being. We are all very similar. We all must utilize our unique methods for survival, and we all share this World, together. Animals must be treated and respected as equals, for humankind to achieve a new level of awareness and Unity with the eARTh. When 7 billion Humans and the countless billions of Animals are all Free to pursue Happiness through Love and the Power of Good, we will have done Our part and restored the balance. We can Save eARTh.

This Artwork signifies the Launch and first Official Artwork of Save eARTh, a 501c3 Charitable Organization dedicated to Saving eARTh with heART and ART through Education and Raising Awareness for a Wide variety of eARTh Saving causes worldwide. Help us accomplish this goal. Be a Save eARThIST today!

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