tHE ARTk consists of 1250+ Endangered Lifeforms of eARTh forming a map of Our World. The Ultimate Artwork for Animal lovers of all ages.

This Artwork took 9.5 months to complete and consists of a wide variety of Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Mammals, Marsupials, Snakes, Sharks, Coral, Mushrooms, Flowers and so much more!

Get to know your fellow Animal friends with tHE ARTk!

To Potentially Recieve A Donation of tHE ARTk for your school or Animal Saving Establishment… email : 

Below is a 55x36inch Canvas Print in a DiNo Designed frame with LED lights surrounding it with a Remote… Many options available via email

Also available as a Tapestry by request only


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12x18in. Paper print, 12x18in. Giclee Canvas print, 12x18in. Plastic print, 18x32in. Paper print, 18x32in. Giclee Canvas print, 18x32in. Plastic print, 32x48in. Paper print, 32x48in. Giclee Canvas print